We all know that drinking water is essential for our overall health. It keeps our bodies hydrated, maintains a healthy body temperature, and helps flush out toxins! However, many people don’t realize that drinking water also helps protect our teeth.

How does water affect our teeth? Drinking water is one of the most simple and easy ways to prevent tooth decay and cavities! Plaque is unable to form in a mouth that is moisturized and clean. During the day when food and beverages are consumed, the acids erode tooth enamel through the buildup of debris and bacteria. Drinking water consistently prevents damage to our teeth.

Water makes your teeth stronger. Fluoride is a natural mineral in water that restores the properties of calcium and phosphorus levels in your dental enamel which also helps in fighting against tooth decay. Aside from fluoridated water, water fortifies the mouth by keeping it clean and moisturized. Most municipal water supplies in the United States contain small amounts of fluoride. By drinking tap water, we can help protect our teeth and prevent cavities!

Water helps stimulate saliva production. Saliva is essential for maintaining good oral health. It helps neutralize the harmful acids in our mouths, prevents dry mouth, and washes away food particles. Drinking more water can help stimulate saliva production by keeping our mouths moist and healthy!

Make sure to stay hydrated! Incorporating more water into your daily routine can be done by carrying a water bottle, setting reminders, and drinking water with meals! Call or Text us today to schedule your appointment.